Removal of Contact Details

For the Broader Context

On the 12th of March 2015, after exposing me to considerable danger by publishing my private address and contact details for 10 months with most of this affidavit the Stormont Justice Committee were informed by the Information Commissioners Office that they were in serious breach of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and finally agreed to remove them.

The Information Commissioners Office were only wonderful and I only wish one of the many people I contacted looking for help who *should* be familiar with the data protection act as part of their everyday work had bothered to tell me to go to them sooner, but they didn’t.

Within 6 minutes of receiving this information I received this email, out of the blue:

From: *Philip Bradfield []
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 10:57 AM
To: Gaye Dalton
Subject: affidavit

Hi Gaye

fyi I approached a member of the Justice Committee (who was opposed to the DUP sex buyer law) and asked them about your affidavit.

They spoke to the committee clerk and came back with this response.

**The clerks originally understood that the affidavit should be included in full in the report and there was no suggestion of anyone putting pressure on them to include your personal details.

They later took legal advice on the matter and decided they should remove it.

The MLA who spoke to me did not really want to get involved in this issue, however they agreed that if you were insistent that they would talk to you direct.



*It would be part of Bradfield’s job to fully understand the Data Protection Act and in 10 months of being aware of my fear and distress he did not bother to tell me to go to the Information Commissioner either

**Only 2/3rds of the affidavit was ever published, this last page was missing.

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