Ruhama: Toxic Charity

Evidence of the utter contempt with which Ruhama regard the women they claim to support, and it isn’t even unusual among abolitionist rescue organisations who constantly strive to present sex workers (even those who are outright victims, every step of the way) as somehow mentally, emotionally and morally inferior. The email, like every aspect of reality, has been ignored.

  • When I was a pregnant teenager 1973 it was the very poorest sex workers in Powis Sq in the heart of Rachman’s London who gave *ME* the charity and advice that kept me eating and half healthy.
  • In the early 1990s many of a the street sex workers in Dublin 2 & 4 took advantage of their unusual hours to cover the “concerned parents against drugs” pickets on the major housing estates.
  • The only person I was ever comfortable giving money to help animals was a sex worker well known to Ruhama
  • Street sex workers are normal ordinary women, no better or worse than anyone else with a higher disposable income than many. They budget, pay bills, drive cars and have credit cards just like anyone else, and if they don’t they are working their way back up to those things from a personal catastrophe
  • Sex workers have never been allowed to directly and publicly challenge the lies Ruhama tell about them as a way of life – and yet ridiculous sums of public money are handed out to them anyway.

From: Gaye D []
Sent: 07 November 2018 11:59
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Subject: Inappropriate
Importance: High

Sarah Benson,

You know me well, I know you well and I shouldn’t think we harbour any illusions within that so I will get straight to the point.

“Women we support in street prostitution often experience difficulties in accessing costly sanitary products”

Street sex workers make at least €50 per client, to suggest that they do not possess the mental capacity to stretch that to €1.07 for 20 applicator tampons in Aldi is to humiliate and insult them beyond all acceptable limits. In fact, if Ruhama approached “The Homeless Period” to request this donation that was even more humiliation and insult piled upon women who sell sex on the street. To inform anyone that women with the courage and determination to do what they have to do to pay their own way cannot afford sanitary products is just a devastating way of dehumanising and diminishing them as human beings.

This is petty, pointless and unnecessary in terms of any interpretation of your agenda I can conceive of.

Gaye Dalton