Sex Slaves – A Herd Without Tags

I have no idea at what point lambs and calves are tagged. That would not be particularly odd if I hadn’t lived half my life in the middle of a sheep farm, but tagging is part of life for many years, so much so that I never notice when it is done. It was deemed essential because not keeping track of livestock was costing the treasury too much both sides of the border.

Can I draw a veil over just how that was done…just take my word for it that it was.

NGOs in Northern Ireland claim to have assisted 45 “victims of trafficking” last year, in the Republic they lay claim to having “helped” around 250.

Nobody questions that.

Every “victim” has the potential to net around €50,000 in residential and other service provision in a year before any family is taken into account. Every victim is also an opportunity to move €50,000 a year between donors and service providers.

That is a potential €15,000,000 that can be claimed or moved around every year. Let me stress that is not all about obtaining funds, it is also about being able to move, transfer and even “lose” funds without leaving a trail

Now here is the clever part. There is no way to be sure if any or all of those “300 sex slaves” ever even existed in the first place, let alone whether they are the beneficiaries of any funding. You cannot tag their ears and track them, and meanwhile, back at the farm up to €15,000,000 is rattling around without any way to monitor or audit what becomes of it.

…and all you have to do to make it happen is throw your entire weight behind “Sex Slave Epidemic” mythology that also meets the ambitions and hunger for control in the religious and feminist lobbies.

As to what happens to real sex workers and their real needs – who cares?

They are only a bunch of whores anyway…


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