Sex Worker Rights Day

Myth: I Have the Right to Life
Myth: We Are All on the Same Side

My address was finally taken down off the web by Stormont 12 March 2015 

Why have I suddenly started to go ballistic about the deliberate exposure and endangerment I have been subjected to by Stormont and “Turn Off the Red Light” for 10 and 7 months respectively?

I can tell you why I didn’t go ballistic before. When two of the people who are trying to hide what is still happening know you well enough to know exactly how vulnerable and fragile you are you accept that is just additional abuse, and there is no point in expecting anything else on any personal level. Frankly, from then on you avert your eyes to spare yourself too much information on just how vile people can be (yes, I can be hurt, but there doesn’t seem much point in giving way to or expressing that).

The reason why I am going ballistic now is far more important. Take a look at these two articles:
Sex offender awarded £20,000 in damages against Facebook
Convicted child abuser awarded $30000 in damages against Facebook

That case establishes a clear precedent whereby the actions of Stormont in deliberately exposing all my private contact details in a context liable to endanger me is contrary to civil law and actionable. When you add in the clear incitement to harm hosted on the “Turn Off the Red Light” facebook page you get an even more serious action…

…and action serious enough to call into question the integrity of the Justice Committee in Stormont AND “Turn Off the Red Light” under Judicial scrutiny that will find it very hard to overlook the clear misconduct of both, as well as the underlying truths I placed on oath in the first place (courts are not in the habit of dismissing sworn affidavits in favour of unsubstantiated opinions)

I am not sure whether this can stop Lord Morrow’s clause 15 at this late stage, but it can totally invalidate it, and thereby strike a huge blow against the possibility of  similar legislation in the south in this Dail term and call the whole ethos of the “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign into serious question at last.

Trouble is, none of this can happen without a degree of pressure. I cannot afford a solicitor, let alone the full legal costs*. FLAC have deep ties to “Turn Off the Red Light” as does the Irish Legal Aid board. It would be tricky to get legal aid for an action in the North at best but under those circumstances it is hopeless.

To get any action at all requires pressure. Given that it represents the last real chance to prevent “End Demand” legislation in Ireland why are these organisations are so determined not to even protest the ongoing abuse of a middle aged Autistic of good character?

I can tell you why they wouldn’t lift a finger to help me, but it would be a squalid, meaningless read that doesn’t matter to anyone.

But what is their excuse for refusing to get behind possibly the (unexpected, I didn’t see that case precedent coming!) last chance to halt dangerous legislation and expose an equally dangerous campaign as rotten to the core?

There is no excuse.

For some time I have suspected that all these so called sex worker rights orgs had nothing to lose from end demand legislation and were shifting emphasis to avail of the potential benefits it offered which are huge for NGOs (on all sides) and organized crime.

If sex work is decriminalized in Southern Ireland:

  • SWAI will never be funded and will fade into obscurity
  • Uglymugs will become a function of the HSE and/or Gardai
  • Escort Ireland will lose their monopoly on advertising and overall control of the sex industry overnight
  • Organised crime will need to look for alternative new opportunities (possibly with a better grace than any of the above!).

Perversely, Ruhama et al would probably fare rather better, but nowhere near as well as they intend to through end demand legislation.

Now, why do *YOU* think nobody is grasping the opportunity that has arisen to strike a real blow for sex worker rights and safety?

I stand for the basic human rights of ordinary decent sex workers, not for the next generation of corrupt, self serving NGOs to prey on them.

 *SWAI have at least one solicitor on the board who, for no rational reason, beyond political affiliations (that would be in direct conflict with sex worker rights but I am sure that is coincidence, honestly) has adopted a position of “not on speaking terms” more suited to a 10 year old with me for the past couple of years. They did not even bother to point out that the exposure of my personal details was in clear contravention of the data protection act. Unbeknownst to me, it would only have taken one phone call, or letter, from a solicitor to get those details deleted immediately.


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