The Concise Real World of “Rescue”

Posted by my sister Kamylla on facebook…it just says it all:

Despites any Activism or Political position… I was looking for help: Before… During and AFTER the 8Minutes Exploitation.
3 questions today:
1)- Abolitionists: When I chose the SW life… I was forced by financial issues. Well, since I stopped… I noticed Abolitionists are always preaching against SW… So… I will ask: What solutions do you Abolitionists have for my unemployment situation?
You guys said, people like me are called prostitutes…
I call myself a mother in despair!

Do you guys have a job for me? For my husband?
Can you hold my life till I can walk on my feet?
Do you guys can give us some towels, blankets, clothes?
Can you do something for us? Or my friends from SW community have to keep pushing donations regarding the life you guys recommendef me to have?

2)- Second question goes to the Religious Rescuers and the HT organizations…
Since I am looking for HELP, why you guys never did realistically nothing for me?
Why you guys talk so much about HT, which has a little bit to do with my case when I early decided for SW, so why you generate billions and I have to count on (unbelievable) SW and allies help?

You guys are fighting to take prostitutes out of “the life” right?

Well, before the RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, MEDIA intervention I had… I was not happy but certainly was way than after those facts.
The lil SW I did, kept my roof above our heads…

Than … The only help I am having now is from SW community…

3)- Why you don’t hold your bible and come here to see the condition I am living? Why instead of distributing millions to ORGs nobody never heard… You don’t support my family? Why has to be the SW community to do it?
Why instead of spending millions on sting operations, you don’t get us a bed? A sofa? Some clothes?

I stop SWorking! So, I did what you guys wanted me to do!
I am tired of knocking at your doors and be slapped on the face!

Government get tax money from SWs. But, when they see people fall apart, no door is open!

The TV crocs are nothing to be mentioned. Their rescue brigade are the real pimps!

Last thought: I wish all of you Religious Freaks, Fake Pastors, Mercenary Politicians, Rescuers of their own pocket dressed as ORGs, burn in hell! You are no better than the worse SW I ever met! In fact all of them are people with pride… They are decent, good heart… Adorable.
The whore is beeing held by the Whore Nation.
Isn’t that amazing?

Note: SWs … I love and respect you all.
Just came back from Red Cross and bunch of other blah, blah, blah…. Guess what?
No help at all.
My kids will have to sleep on the floor.


Incidentally, one criticism levelled at the sex workers who have been holding Kamylla’s head above water (I know the whole story, and trust me she only plays down how screwed her life really is – that is how we realised we are sisters) is that “they haven’t even got an org who are they anyway?”.

They are ordinary decent, hardworking women with empathy and compassion who saw pain that broke their hearts** and tried to find ways to fix it…with astonishing success.

It there is one thing I have learned it is that the sex workers who run orgs* are usually as bad as the “prostituted women” who start rescues, and the crossover are the worst of all.

*Not, under any circumstances to be confused with the sex workers who start orgs and have to be extricated by their nearest and dearest one step ahead of bankruptcy…they are ordinary decent, hardworking women with empathy and compassion who saw pain that broke their hearts and tried to find ways to fix it.  

**This includes “The Cupcake Girls” a weird cult of women who do not seem to have received the memo about sex workers as subhumans and, as a result tend to assume we are people just like them and try to fatten us up…love you ladies…you always make me smile. 


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