The Cruellest Fetish – False Hope

See also: Myth: 8 Minutes

Wherever there is a bad thing that can hurt and destroy, there is always one person who will do it.

The cruellest, most destructive client I had was a well known and wealthy professional who from time to time, would pick a sex worker and spend a fortune on feeding her false hope of a real career.

He questioned me for hours to find out what my skills and dreams were, then handed me a cheque for £3,000 that I could either keep and never come back, or use to start renovating an apartment for him…just like that.

Thing about me is that I am, genuinely, 100% honest. If I take money from you to do a thing I am going to do it, as sure as night follows day.

I was happy, feeling as if my reality and my appearance matched for the very first time, meeting all sorts of amazing people in the furniture trade.

He was happy with the progress, talked about a SECOND apartment to be done in a different style, handed me £7,000 to carry on…ALL of which was immediately spent on paying for  ordered items of furniture he had approved, along with the £21,000 budget (remember this was for a top level job).

Then suddenly he met me at the apartment one night, looking close to tears and with many apologies but no explanation that made sense, he pulled the plug.

Like you, I assumed I had messed up…he wasn’t happy with the work, I was kidding myself about my ability to do it…I was utterly crushed…there are huge chunks of my confidence that I lost that day and never got back again.

Within a few weeks I found out the truth. He had done this a few times before. In each case the women concerned shamelessly ripped him off for £10,000 and left laughing. I delivered as promised, and was left with my confidence crushed and nothing to show for it.

I never had sex with this man, nor even a kiss on the cheek, yet he was the only client who left me traumatised.

I don’t know why he did it. My impression, right or wrong, is that he was on an expensive hobby mission to prove to himself that sex workers were genuinely terrible people (as the others he selected in the past were otherwise known to be, as well as atypical).

Every form of rescue has it’s price and that price is usually someone shamelessly exploiting your plight to meet their own needs, on their own terms and conditions

It is their own capacity to abuse and exploit that they project onto the men who buy sexual services.


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