The Game Under “The Game”

I did not receive so much as an acknowledgement until 3 weeks later, after this appeared. They wanted me to “consult” all of a sudden, on condition I played along with Rachel Moran. I declined, but sent them a lot of material they only really made fun of.


From: Gaye D []
Sent: Saturday, August 1, 2015 1:22 PM
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Subject: Can I suggest a twist to “The Game”



Unlike Rachel Moran (fraud – to which I am an eyewitness), and Justine Reilly (pimp, convicted three times…which Moran would have known all along if she was not a separate fraud herself) I am a real former sex worker.

I hated selling sex more than any sex worker I ever met too, but I have been putting my own life on the line against any form of criminalization since I was forced out of sex work into a void by organized crime in 1993. I have never let anyone pay me a penny, both sides sneaked about 30 euros each past me in the 22 years since.

Let me tell you why, let me meet with your group and let’s talk about the truth…and let’s give all the sex workers in Ireland a brilliant surprise gift, and make people think, by slipping the truth in with the propaganda and lies that are aimed at exploiting them for gain while destroying their autonomy, incomes, homes and families.

I am not talking about “subtle as a housebrick” that gets you attacked and shunned by “Turn Off the Red Light” I am talking about playing smart for Justice.

Are you up for the challenge?