The Truth About the Nordic Model

Due to the disproportionate weight of suppression and intimidation rained down upon the following statement I have a gut feeling it needs to be told as often as possible. This statement was part of a deposition made under oath:

I hated sex work and desperately wanted a way out but sex work was, literally, the only way I had to survive at the time and that would still be the case in a similar position now. I have spent decades learning this truth from experience.
Those responsible for my reality deserve to be punished and eradicated from our society for the common good. They are as follows:
•The abusive family I was issued with at birth
•The social services who ground my childhood and young adulthood remorselessly between the wheels of their personal dysfunction and corrupt internal politics.
•The NGOs who added insult to injury by distorting and exploiting my desperation to further their own agenda while offering me nothing but exploitation, misrepresentation, intimidation and revictimisation over the past 20 years.
•Everyone who ever stood by and watched me suffer, in any context, without attempting to protect or help me.

Similar factors are forcing women and girls into sex work all the time. They are the real criminals here and most of their victims meet far worse fates than having to use sex work to recover.

My clients as a sex worker gave me, not only survival, but a decent living, independence and self respect. I found that helpful and supportive and was thankful for it.

Sex work is never the problem, it is always part of the solution.

The Nordic Model serves as the indirect persecution of sex workers by striving to destroy the market their livelihoods depend upon made worse by openly acknowledging the fact that many have no realistic alternative means available. The Nordic Model is promoted, proposed and reinforced by a strategy of misrepresenting sex workers lives, motivation and needs while restricting all support and resources to those who comply with this misrepresentation and striving to penalise those who do not.

The Nordic Model is deemed politically desirable because it indirectly denies the true impact of austerity and pays lip service to counterbalancing the elements of forced labour that are creeping into welfare provision.

The Nordic Model is popular with NGOs because it has the potential to maintain and increase their funding.

Once I truly believed that if anyone told people the truth about sex worker’s lives they would understand and feel remorse and, at least, leave us in peace, now I have seen, with my own eyes, that if anyone tries to tell the truth they are silenced, gagged, intimidated and shouted down while everything they have tried to say is pasted over with other people’s self serving and destructive lies.

The conduct of the “Turn Off the Red Light” campaign, and the resulting consultations, has left me finally incapable of faith in any aspect of the society in which I live.



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