The Truth Behind the Headlines

Truthdig: Drilling Behind the Headlines

Being Raped for a Living – Chris Hedges

Let’s see if that earns the “Myth” prefix shall we?

So far, apologies…”Truthdig” have REALLY lived up to their name and there has been some incredible, thought provoking dialogue in between the abolitionist trolls.

If you truly like the truth behind the headlines, here it is:

Rachel Moran never sold sex in the times and places she claimed. I am an immediate eyewitness up to March 1993, there are others who take up the story later. But Dublin was a very small world, and what she has done is akin to someone inserting themself into your extended family and trying to pass for two decades back…she makes endless mistakes, to anyone who was really there.

Now I am not a psychic…she may have sold sex at some other time in some other place (“punter” is a term never used in Ireland because it is used so heavily in racing, but it is used in London and perhaps other parts of the UK). But she wasn’t a sexworker in Dublin. I can see why you might think that doesn’t matter but, in Ireland between 1983 and 1993 something rather unique happened and street sexwork (the only independent kind before mobile phones) was fully decriminalised incidentally to an separate constitutional challenge (conviction required you to be established as a “common prostitute” under old victorian laws that required previous convictions to be brought up prior to conviction…this was unconstitutional) rather than as part of an overall strategy.

The effect of full decriminalisation on the REAL sexworkers in Dublin was nothing short of miraculous. There had been mayhem (for an idea see “Lyn: A Prostitutes Story” Lyn Madden…older women and some clients assure me it was pretty accurate) but decriminalisation disempowered the street pimps and the women themselves drove them off. Underage girls were INSTANTLY reported to Gardai …abuse and criminality was about as common as among hackney drivers.

Rachel Moran has traded on obliterating all that hard evidence of the huge benefits to sexworkers of full decriminalisation in an Irish, and by extension European context.

She has made a cushy little niche for herself providing false evidence that threatens the safety of some of the most vulnerable women in society, because yes…ABSOLUTELY there are women who sell sex because they have no better option, and even no option at all…I know I was one of them…but none of us were ever silly…the “no option” thing was thoroughly checked and very real…so when you use Nordic Model legislation to make it harder and more dangerous for us to sell sex you just make incredibly hard and harrowing lives harder, and in some cases impossible.

What do you think happens to people when they run out of ways to survive?

As for the existing “exit resources” they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot full of hot strychnine…as aforementioned…we really are not silly about being sex workers. We HAVE noticed these organisations building great and lucrative careers full of junkets one the back of a constant stream of lies told to and about us. We ARE aware of the intimidation tactics that use stigma to silence us. We haven’t forgotten the false promises and betrayals, and there is NO WAY we consider that a fit place to trust with any power over our lives and our children.

As for the women who tell me they choose freely to sell sex…they are my equals, I believe them, so their choices are nobody else’s business.

This is my real name, I have already testified to Moran’s fraud on oath and am happy to provide hard copy. I am happy to go on record and on air on my own responsibility at any time.


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