Treating Psycho-social Disability

  1. Everybody is different, even the psycho-socially disabled, it comes bundled with the human condition.
  2. Not everyone with the same diagnosis responds to the same treatment.
  3. Not every diagnosis is right first time.
  4. If the treatment isn’t working it is probably the wrong treatment and may be causing harm.
  5. If a diagnosis is “atypical” it may be the wrong diagnosis
  6. The psycho-socially disabled are not unexploded aliens, if you ask us questions we can often give useful answers.
  7. If the treatment isn’t working and/or the diagnosis is wrong make us (NOT YOU) as comfortable as possible while you research the right diagnosis and treatment.
  8. When you hit a wall of “don’t know” go and learn, you are paid to care for us, we are not paid to suffer your mistakes.
  9. Don’t worry about upsetting us, if you don’t know be honest and we can find the answer together.