UK Welfare Reforms

Something I have always wondered about…ever since I was a little kid…is WHERE ON EARTH this idea that the way to create jobs that do not exist and make people fit and able to do them is to make people, and their innocent children, destitute and desperate.

That doesn’t create jobs, and it certainly doesn’t make people “job ready” – no washing facilities, homelessness, hunger, no fares to get to the interview, let alone start the job aren’t a lot of use even if there *IS* a job there…and for most unemployed people there isn’t.

What you do create by making people, and their innocent children, destitute and desperate, is more crime…

A lot of people told themselves they would “never let it come to that” until their foot slipped and they found themselves down a rabbit hole and learned the truth.

Crime is the first born child of poverty and desperation, and if, as a society, you show the poor and the desperate that you do not give a fleg about them, why on earth should they give a fleg about you? Never mind why, *HOW* are they going to give a fleg about you?

You have a home, you are safe, you are warm, you have enough to eat, they don’t, and all you can do is exalt in rubbing their noses in it…how do you expect that to make them feel about you?

They hate you for it…with cause, because it is the only healthy way to feel when someone enjoys harming you, and that is the atmosphere their children are raised in, so you get a second generation with cause and reinforcement to sees society as a cruel remorseless enemy that you might as well take for what you can – before it takes you down laughing.

That has all the makings of a peerless job creation scheme, so it does.

Half the “respectably employed” are overpaid to do nothing but please themselves all day (often to the long term detriment of the wider society) because they (or their families) have the right connections…make some of them destitute instead…it won’t create employment, but it will save a lot of wasted money to help create employment and stand down a lot of justified alienation among the poor.

Second generation unemployment began in the draconian Thatcher years. One definition of madness is making the same mistake and expecting it to have a different outcome.

I am afraid politics is all about power, gain and lies.

When the rich and powerful mess up you go on an evangelical campaign to convince the electorate that the best way to fix that is to persecute the poor, helpless and vulnerable…

…except people, in general, have no taste for that at all so before that you have to convince them that the poor, helpless and vulnerable are not poor, helpless and vulnerable at all but are rather some kind of deliberate threat.

It is also a good idea to get the adrenaline flowing by uniting the ordinary people against a common enemy…any common enemy you have to hand, or if you do not have one to hand you can create one.

This way the momentum will carry a significant proportion of people forward to do whatever you want them to do.

That is how the game is played.

Northern Ireland

(I wasn’t aware that the Queen Mother was an IRA victim, or that there was anything offensive about a red blazer. Heaven knows how people must react to my red wool trench coat so.)

Two important points:
*To date the UK Labour party has never fielded candidates for election in Northern Ireland
*2058 (get the number right) people died at the hands of Republican Paramilitaries in the *past* and there is no choice of Labour Party Leader that will resurrect a single one

Today I subscribed to a political party for the first time in my life specifically to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Even before the crash in 2008 the sociopolitical pendulum was already swinging in a similar cold blooded and ruthless direction to the one it last took in the 1930s that eventually gave rise to Nazi Germany and the holocaust.

The coalition government has instituted policies of austerity beyond the wildest dreams of Margaret Thatcher that already amount to slow, covert genocide that target the most vulnerable. People on the UK mainland are starving and homeless. People on the UK mainland are committing suicide because they cannot get the money they need for basic survival. The reasons they are in this predicament are both arbitrary and unpredictable, usually related more to targets and quota than any failing on their part. Most of these people are sick and disabled through no fault of their own, and that is only going to get worse.

But don’t take my word for it, all parties in the NI assembly have fought against applying similar measures here and those who have capitulated now have only done so as the lesser of evils.

Caring about the weakness and vulnerability of other people is “SO OVER” in 2015 and has been replaced by a culture that sees vulnerability as a commodity to be exploited, or failing that eradicated.

The most frightening part of this ruthless Gecko-culture is that it is only building on foundations already laid by the Blairite Labour party. The last general election did not offer anything more humane and less hopeless to vote for.

Jeremy Corbyn is the first ray of hope that the pendulum is about to swing the other way before it goes too far. If he gets the Labour leadership many vulnerable lives will begin to be saved, and many more will have something to hope and hang on for.

I know so many people in the UK living on a kind of death row, waiting for the arbitrary cut or sanction that will take their future away with no way to appeal and no one to appeal to. That is not a life, it is not even an existance, it is ongoing torture…and the same hell is about to go full stream in Northern Ireland.

I am sorry 2058 people who are dead already, cannot compete with that.

Not sure where you get the idea that the UK benefit system is one of the best benefit systems in the world. It isn’t:
(Based on a 2011 IMF working paper) and if you compare that with the South on both you will see that parsimony does not reflect in decreased public spending:

Hardly surprising as working age benefits only represent 14% of UK public spending:
…and a high proportion of that would be benefits paid to subsidise the working poor…bearing in mind that poor people will not work very well homeless and/or without enough to eat or transport to and from work…

In fact the last budget made a determined onslaught on the working poor with cuts to tax credits and changes in the qualification level for subsidies.

The amount of money that is required to eat, have a home and provide for your family is an absolute. It cannot be reduced by the peculiar opinions of hereditary multimillionaires about what is “fair”.

If you could not possible eat, have a home and provide for your family on a specific sum of money then neither can anyone else, and all the deeper understanding of poverty, privation and reality habitually picked up at Eton and Oxford will not change that.

Likewise making it progressively harder for poor people with aptitude to study at third level will not improve levels of education and denying young people under 25 the means to have some kind of accommodation while they seek work and/or education way from the family home won’t help much either.

Not sure what it achieves to deny the innocent children of the poor and unemployed enough to eat and, as the cuts get deeper, even a home to live in…it certainly does nothing for their level of education.

Disabled people who genuinely either cannot work, or cannot get work (another reality of disability) will always be better off on benefits than “in work”. Under which circumstances I suppose a program of humane coerced euthanasia probably would be fairer to people in work?

I guess that is why Tory propaganda is deliberately spun towards demonising disability?

The past does not matter as compared to the future because the past has one unassailable quality:
There is bugger-all you can do to change it (and re-inventing it doesn’t count.)

On the whole I bet, if you asked them, the surviving victims of the troubles would find it more helpful to be able to go on surviving with some quality of life without the stress of wondering if the next cut will be the last one they can find a way to survive.

The level of Benefits in the UK were already condemned by the Council of Europe as much too low independent of benefit caps:
…and you are totlly ignoring the amount of benefits paid to the working poor that have been drastically cut.

Even the very few of the genuinely vulnerable who are acknowledged as genuinely vulnerable are being deliberately demonised and having all allowances cut below the poverty level.

The only “exit” from a life of benefits the Tories have to offer so far consists in arbitrary sanctions applied to quota and threats thereof.

Welfare benefits aren’t just a bribe political parties pay to buy votes y’know, they are all some of the most vulnerable people in society have to stay alive with, and if they are not sufficient to purpose there is no other relevant factor. The first wave of vulnerable people suffer and die, the second wave start to fight back through increased crime and, eventually, insurrection….


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