Waiting for the Silence of the Lambs

It is that time of year again, the clamour in the yard is feckawful right now, even so, after 25 years you instinctively dread the silence when it ends.

“The Silence of the Lambs” will always be a haunting analogy by itself, but waiting for the silence of the lambs is a perfect analogy for waiting for Clause 15  to kick  in In Northern Ireland.

It is legislation based on one lie after another and years of carefully laid propaganda, and all for what? A cheap way for a little cadre of corruption behind a mask of religious fanaticism to indenture support from equally corrupt elements within Nationalism, Feminism and Political LGBT for a season.

…and all you have to do is torture and destroy a few lives that never mattered in the first place anyway. Nobody will even notice, much less care, after all, isn’t covert genocide the UK strategy for reducing disability and disadvantage these days anyway?

Saving the children of course, but they can easily be coerced into adoption before they have to suffer any real privation…as long as they are under 7…after that?

You have to understand that you can’t expect ANYBODY to take on a child over 7 with that much damage attached.

No broken eggs, no omelette.

Exodus 20:16
““You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

Good thing “those women” are never likely to be the neighbours of any Good Christians/Nationalists/Radfems isn’t it? Because if they were, some of the punishments for “bearing false witness” are well into “only after the watershed” territory.

Good thing, even so, nobody was silly enough to place any false witness under the seal of oath.

The Anathema of “Faith Based Rescue



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