What can I tell you my sister, my killer…

…to paraphrase Leonard Cohen rather neatly.

You buy a thinktank, you buy the evidence that suits you and the political and media manipulation to suppress everything else.

People who care and want to make a better world don’t work that way.
…they want to be sure they have all the facts clear – so they can avoid doing any harm…
…they want to hear anyone who protests them – so they can avoid doing any harm…
…they want to seek out people who are too scared to protest them – so they can avoid doing any harm…

FOSTA and SESTA had a death toll and a suicide rate within days – just ordinary decent women who couldn’t get the money to survive any more, dying of desperation while you were still partying on your “result”. What did you think happened to people when they run out of the means to survive?

Can you imagine the helplessness, the hopelessness, the hunger, the cold, the loneliness, the lack of privacy, the fear of falling asleep and the fear of waking up, and all because someone with too much money to ever run out wanted a counter to score their power games with?

Whether you have enough money to survive is many times more important than whether you have to sell sexual services to get it, just because you have never had to learn that doesn’t make it any less frightening, painful and dangerous for those caught in the jaws of that truth. You are just harming people who can’t fight back and every single one of those people has just as many thoughts and feelings as you, and is worth as much as you.

Last time I was in the Four Courts was more than 20 years ago…a very dear friend of mine, now departed, had sold sex and saved up £9000 for years to sue the Dentist who had ruined her teeth, she expected, and deserved, the kind of pay off she could retire on. Her barrister, an absolute darling, probably also departed, made me promise to keep her sober, so there I was.

It never got into a courtroom, I won’t go into the details but, financed by wealthy medical insurers, it was the dirtiest thing I had seen in my life up to that point, the barrister, who really was a darling, begged her with tears in his eyes to withdraw the case while she still had £3000 left in the kitty, because otherwise they were going to demand an order for costs, costs she would have to pay by selling sex into her 60s.

She was too shattered to get drunk and what she said to me was:
“Gaye, I never realised how clean my work was until today. I am proud I am a whore and not like them”

I am so terrified I can hardly breath…but I feel clean…and I am reminded of how many people sell sex, even though they hate it because their alternatives are just too low down and dirty to contemplate.

Or to put it another way, they shoot horses, don’t they?

Gaye Dalton
9 December 2018