Which Nail Did I Hit on the Head This Time?

Comment Censored by “The Guardian” 24 March 2015

All of this, Laura Lee included, takes us away from the real problem here.

Abolitionist legislation is carefully crafted to play in to human rights legislation, often in the smallest details, that is not, and never was, the problem.

A challenge to the ECHR is good for nothing but personal publicity and career prospects.

The real problem is that effectively all the data on which legislation and proposed legislation is based has been deliberately falsified, often over decades, safe in the knowledge that sex workers are still so stigmatized that it is easy to intimidate them out of coming forward and making a real challenge unless they intend to pursue a lucrative career as a former sex worker in some capacity (whether individually or part of the NGO sector).

Sex work legislation has been tailored as a perfect match for human rights legislation, placing it beyond challenge, meanwhile the existing human rights of sex workers under current law have been plowed under to provide propaganda and false data to support that legislation.

Ireland is the microcosm in which it might be possible to expose this because everything here is so small and personal, and elected representatives both sides of the border are so embroiled in hegemony and their own arrogance that it never crossed their minds that their conduct would or even could be challenged.

To date the very worst of this has occurred in Stormont where false testimony was accepted without even the most basic, cursory checks, and sworn testimony was completely ignored except to use it as an excuse to place the senders life in danger and “send a message” that this was the kind of treatment any sex worker who stood up to the lies could expect in Ireland.

Turns out this is not just murky it is illegal (and if Laura Lee hadn’t been so worried about making sure I did not steal her glory by precipitating a real exposure of the misconduct of this legislative process she would have noticed that probably covers the broadcast and publication of her real name too, but after the way she deliberately ensured there would be no protest of any kind at the dangerous way I was exposed it would stick in my craw to even mention it to the ICO ).

The arrogance at the core of the abolitionist lobby in Ireland means that they have made a lot of serious mistakes that are just lying around to be found in the course of any investigation. Unfortunately the only opposition presented is from a combination of the NGO sector and Escort Ireland, both of whom have a huge vested interest in seeing Nordic Model legislation pass and remaining in opposition to it.

The real sex workers have never been given a place where it is safe to speak out and tell the truth (and the DUP can STFU about never getting a chance to meet any real sex workers because I tried to get several of them to meet me informally before the consultation with no success – I believe that the creed to which they dedicated clause 15 specifically forbids the bearing of false witness…pity there is no body for earthly enforcement on that). The Justice Committee in the South originally promised a safe environment in which sex workers could speak out and were quite enthusiastic about it, but suddenly reneged for no rational reason (I have emails that can substantiate all this, it is not that they excluded sex workers through ignorance at all, it was conscious and deliberate, and remains so).


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