Why Nobody Will Stand Up to “Turn Off the Red Light”

December 2013

This has a more personal companion piece “The Sounds Of Silence”

Let me tell you my darkest most shameful secret.

I was once a cogniscent party to covering up the sexual abuse of innocent children, and it was not only sexual abuse, it was particularly vicious and sadistic in nature. Not just people who sexualise children because they are children, but people who sexualise children because they are smaller, weaker, more vulnerable and cannot escape or present a risk to the perpetrator when tortured at will.

The perp was young, generically attractive, highly intelligent and educated and capable of being absolutely charming. He was popular and highly respected. He was someone I knew well for a very long time. I was very attracted to him, let’s not mince words, given a little coaxing I thought I was probably close to in love, and it seemed mutual, until after years of being with other people we finally got together and I got a very brief taste of his toxic emotional cruelty.

I am not a very good sport about being deliberately made a complete fool of, seriously, I make Glenn Close look cute ‘n cuddley when someone has mistaken my already broken and crippled emotions for a toy…my anger goes all the way to the bone marrow too, and I start analysing them, trawling through their psychological dirt until I have them pilloried. Sadly I am usually at least half right, but then, you have to wonder how any of us would stand up under the same scrutiny I give them, in the same way that few of us could be psych evaluated and come out clean.

I determined that he was a sadistic pedophile. That was a mindbogglingly malicious conclusion to arrive at considering he was one of the few people I had mutual friends and aquaintances with. I can’t tell you…when I came to my senses I made my own eyes water. Talk about “hell has no fury”.

I got a grip, cut it out and faced the world duly chastened only to walk into a report on the TV news of a huge sex abuse scandal he could not have avoided involvement in.

I think I nearly passed out…maybe I did…

He got away scot free, though unnamed that is even semi-officially admitted, by people who have hard evidence, not just conjecture like me. I cannot challenge that because, for other reasons to do so would do infinitely more harm to innocent people than letting it go…catch 22 between a rock and a hard place. I can’t go into details but suffice to say that to expose him would undo decades of vital and long overdue work.

Today he receives a generous salary via the HSE and has significant power over the lives of vulnerable people. He would also align with “Turn Off the Red Light”.

…and there is the key…

His offences were never properly investigated and tried, there is still an, albeit infinitesimal, possibility that he is innocent, but these days all it would take to crucify him is a denunciation, supported by the gatekeepers of present and historical sexual abuse, who are all heavily invested in “Turn Off the Red Light”.

Use search engines, take a look…wherever there is a case of sexual abuse there is always a mouthpiece from “Turn Off the Red Light” and far too many of these cases have all the hallmarks of false memory syndrome (the parent of the idiotic theories of “false consciousness” it is now fashionable to attribute to sex workers). OF COURSE some of those cases are 100% genuine, and while I would question the advisability of such vulnerable people being at the mercy of such unscrupulous NGOs, and having their truth twisted and exploited to agenda rather than their own needs and healing (seriously, you cannot heal old exploitation and abuse with new exploitation and abuse and that is all that is on the menu), I would never suggest otherwise, but what about the others? The false memory syndrome and victimhood actively courted and rewarded by those same NGOs? We will never know which cases they are…and even where the case is overturned the taint will be for life, and, unless they have no soul at all will affect the accuser (who may well have been manipulated into genuinely believing their own accusation at the time) as badly as the accused.

We have arrived at a state where if any man is denounced as a sexual abuser organisations affiliated to “Turn Off the Red Light” can make it stick true or false.

There cannot be too big an epidemic of historic sexual abuse, but the effectiveness of terrorism is in it’s brutality and random selection, not in numbers. I doubt if there are many male politicians or activists in the country who would not be too afraid to take an active stance against  ”Turn Off the Red Light” or even question the increasingly blatant lies they promulgate.

I cannot blame them. So many instances of sexual abuse have been brushed under the carpet or turned a blind eye to over the years that today I realised that the only men I have ever known that I am 100% sure could never have been involved were my own clients, because men who are attracted to the young do not waste their money on my, opposite, type, and in such a clandestine transaction there is no benefit in terms of appearance or affect.

The rest my mind has corralled together, guilty and innocent…tell me they are historic abusers and I literally DO NO KNOW any more. In real terms there are not just predators getting off scot free, there are also innocent men who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these days of denunciations they must both live in equal terror. The only way for any man with political power or influence to feel safe is to stand with the choir and sing the praises of “Turn Off the Red Light” to be deemed innocent.

This is where I run out of answers. The witchhunt in the UK has proved contagious, it is only starting here.

Guilty men will be punished, innocent men will be crucified and nobody will ever know which is which for sure, and “Turn Off the Red Light” will have the final say every time.

This is not a conscious conspiracy, it is just the inevitable next phase of toxic social evolution. It is unstoppable.

For their next trick they will be stealing the children from the wombs of sex workers and other non-compliants (no longer a matter of hyperbole, just a matter of time) and selling them to wealthy Radfems to be raised “gender neutral”.

I would give my life to halt this monstrosity in it’s tracks, but I only have one life to give and that is nowhere near enough. I find myself surrounded by a species that genuinely horrifies me with no way to identify the blameless, and no way out.

I hope there is a god to comfort the innocent, as nobody else will, if there is let him take me home swiftly and gently from behind before I am forced to bear witness.


One thought on “Why Nobody Will Stand Up to “Turn Off the Red Light”

  1. I looked at the turn off the red light web-space. It says about Norway: “Norway introduced legislation similar to that of Sweden in late 2008. Their motivation was to combat sex trafficking, as opposed to gender equality, but they recognised the success of the Swedish model and hence decided to criminalise the purchase of sex.”
    I searched for evaluations of the Swedish model and all those claiming it as effective date from 2010 onwards. Whoa there. This means someone is engaging in time travel, and I for one am not going to mess with people with the power to literally re-order history.

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